Friday, October 15, 2010

Water for Our Life

This post was to have been done yesterdeay. But I forgot about date, and this morning when I woke up and checked my email, I remembered about Blog Action Day just now.

About two years ago, I contributed on Blog Action Day annual event, the topic was poverty. This year, we are talking about water. We know water, the thing that supports our life. Water is very important for us, everyday we need the water. And you know, we can live without food for a month, but can't without water. 

Now, water is an important issue. Why? because water is becoming the scarce resource. Once again, maybe we can find food in everywhere, but can we find the water? specially clean water? I believe we can't. There are some reasons why we can't find the water. First, maybe because of the climate. Second, maybe because of us. Third, maybe because the water disappear.

The second reason, by us, is true. In my country, We never put the garbage at the proper place, so it makes the environment-river-dirty. Or, because from the industry, its waste disposal contaminate the ground water. Green house gas from industry makes the air dirty.  Another cause is we can keep our forest, so water is not absorbed by ground, because there are not trees anymore.

If we can't keep our environment, we shall lost the water, and we can't live anymore. We don't want, do we? So what will you do to safe the water? Because the water will safe your life!